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Fluke 376 True-rms AC/DC Clamp Meter with iFlex™
Fluke 381 Remote Display True-rms AC/DC Clamp Meter with iFlex™

Fluke 337 Clamp Meter

Measurements made easy.

Fluke 337
Fluke 337
Fluke 337
Fluke 337
Fluke 337
Take a new look at current measurement

With the striking design of the Fluke 330 Series Clamp Meters, there’s a new way for you make to current measurements. At how you use your tools, and how to get the results you need, faster and more conveniently. The result is a new, ergonomic concept, shaped to fit your hand and to access tight spots easily.

The Fluke 337 Clamp Meter is a top-of-the-line True-rms clamp meter with MIN/MAX capability and a large jaw that measures ac/dc current and voltage, ohms, motor start up current (in-rush) and frequency.

Safety Conformance
IEC 1010-2-032, 600V CAT III

The 337 Clamp Meter features:

  • Three year warranty
  • True-rms clamp meter
  • MIN/MAX capability
  • Extra large jaw
  • Measures ac/dc amps, ac/dc volts, ohms and motor start-up current
  • Large, backlit display is easy-to-see in less than ideal conditions
  • In-rush current function for measuring starting current for motors, lighting, etc.
  • Fits perfectly in your hand and into tight places
  • Handy ‘Display Hold’ button keeps measurements on the display
  • Meter controls are positioned so current measurements can be done with one hand (index finger on clamp opening lever and thumb on rotary switch)
  • Auto shut-off maximizes battery life so the meter works when you need it
  • Improved low current measurement accuracy for new microprocessor technology

Safety conformance
IEC 1010-2-032, 600V CAT III

What’s the difference between the 330 models?

  Fluke-333 Fluke-334 Fluke-335 Fluke-336 Fluke-337
Measure ac current 400.0 A 600.0 A 600.0 A 600.0 A 999.9 A
Measure ac voltage 600.0 V 600.0 V 600.0 V 600.0 V 600.0 V
Measure continuity ≤ 30 Ω ≤ 30 Ω ≤ 30 Ω ≤ 30 Ω ≤ 30 Ω
Measure dc current       600.0 A 999.9 A
Measure dc voltage 600.0 V 600.0 V 600.0 V 600.0 V 600.0 V
Measure resistance 600.0 Ω 600.0 Ω 600.0 Ω 600.0 Ω 600.0 Ω
Measure inrush   100 mS 100 mS 100 mS 100 mS
Work in poorly lit areas   Backlight Backlight Backlight Backlight
Measure non-linear loads     True-rms True-rms True-rms
Variable speed drives and standby-by power         400.0 Hz
Diameter of measurable conductor 0.12” or 30.5 mm max
Operating temperature -14 to 122ºF (-10 to 50ºC)
Storage Temperature -40 to 140ºF (-40 to 60ºC)
Operating Humidity < 90% @ <30 ºC, < 75% @ 30 to 55ºC
Operating Altitude 0 to 2500 m
IP Rating IP 40
Size 240 x 80 x 44 mm, (9.375 x 3.125 x 1.625 in.)
Weight 310G, (11 oz.)
Vibration Random 2 g, 5 to 500 Hz
Shock 1 meter drop test (except the jaw)
EMI/RFI Meets EN61326-1
Temperature Coefficient 0.01% ºC
(<18? or > 28?)
Power, battery life (2) AA 1.5 V Alkaline, IEC 1010-2-031,150 hours typical Automatic low battery indicator
Warranty Three years for electronics
One year for cable and clamp assembly
Nome do modeloDescriçãoPreço
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