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Fluke-289/IMSK Industrial Multimeter Service Combo Kit

Fluke has combined its advanced data logging Multimeter with Trendcapture with the i400 AC Current Clamp. Together they provide the ability to troubleshoot most industrial problems. Additionally, the Fluke-289/IMSK Industrial Multimeter Service Combo Kit represents a significant savings over buying the items separately.

Fluke-289/IMSK Industrial Multimeter Service Kit includes:

  • Fluke-289V Advanced data logging Multimeter
    • Trendcapture:Record, graph and review measurements in the field
    • Large 50,000 count, ¼ VGA display with white backlight.
    • Unique function for accurate voltage and frequency measurements on adjustable speed motor drives and other electrically noisy equipment
    • LoZ Volts. Low impedance voltage function prevents false readings due to “ghost voltage
    • 50 ohm range – useful for measuring and comparing differences in motor winding resistance
  • Fluke-i400 AC 400A Current Clamp
    • Companion to your DMM to measure up to 400 A AC
    • 1mA/Amp output guarantees easy reading on you meter
    • Only current clamp available with a CAT IV 600 V / CAT III 1000 V safety rating
    • Specially designed to offer maximum utility in a very compact shape
  • TL71 Silicone Test Leads
  • AC72 Alligator Clips
  • Limited Lifetime warranty on Fluke-289 and 1-year warranty on accessories

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