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Tecnologia Fluke IR Fusion®

Infrared thermal images alone can be difficult to understand, which is why Fluke pioneered IR-Fusion.
 Fluke IR-Fusion® Technology

IR-Fusion® technology captures a visible light image in addition to the infrared image and takes the mystery out of IR image analysis. It helps to better identify and report suspect components and enable the repair to be done right the first time.

IR-Fusion Building Flash Demo
IR-Fusion Industrial Flash Demo

See things both ways
In order to communicate critical information, just infrared images are no longer enough. With patented Fluke IR-Fusion® technology, for the first time in the industry, you can combine both digital and infrared images for better clarity. This allows you to easily see, document, and address problems uncovered through your thermal imaging work. Fluke's unique technology provides pixel-for-pixel alignment of the digital and infrared images, allowing you unlimited options in optimizing your on-camera and off-camera analysis.

Fluke IR-Fusion, a revolutionary combination of digital and infrared images never before seen in commercial or industrial thermal imagers. Many manufacturers have attempted to copy, none have been able to match the performance and quality of Fluke's unique IR Fusion technology! Turn to Fluke patented IR-Fusion technology to deliver the industry's best thermal images.

The multiple modes of IR-Fusion® technology:



Full infrared: Displays a full screen infrared view for maximum infrared detail.

Picture-in-picture : Maintains a frame of reference by placing an IR "window within a digital image.
AutoBlend™ mode: Only Fluke IR-Fusion can perfectly bend partially-transparent infrared and digital images for easier problem detection. Available in full infrared and picture-in-picture
Full infrared


IR/color alarms: Isolates problematic areas by displaying a digital image with infrared highlights for surface temperatures above, below, in between or outside a user-selected range. Available in full infrared and picture-in-picture

Full infrared

Full digital: Displays a digital photographic image, as you would get from a digital camera.

Fluke thermal imagers with IR-Fusion technology may have different on-camera viewing capabilities – all views are available in SmartView® software. Please consult your local Fluke representative or distributor.

Automated reporting and powerful control
Additional power/ability is obtained by using these images in SmartView software. Capture and annotate hundreds of corresponding digital and infrared images in the field and quickly import them into the SmartView software solution.

The images can then be optimized for maximum communication value—adjusting imagery within IR-Fusion technology's multiple display modes—perform sophisticated analysis, and produce professional reports quickly and easily. The comprehensive reporting tools in SmartView software are fully customizable.

IR-Fusion is a registered trademark of Fluke Corporation.
SmartView is a registered trademark of Fluke Corporation

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