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Industrial Solution Center

Find Overheated Cables »

Check for overheated cables or equipment which can show excessive harmonics.

Measure the Power Consumption of Installed Machinery »

Maintaining and optimizing modern, high-efficiency variable speed motor drives calls for new tools.

Understand Your Energy Consumption (How Much and When) »

Highlight extreme or unexpected energy consumption . Find out where electricity usage can be optimized in your facility.

Fluke: always the right choice

Flukes test tools for industrial maintenance technicians are designed to complement each other in identifying and troubleshooting problems, giving you a powerful solution for pinpointing the source of hard to find faults.

To choose the right approach for each and every challenge, Fluke recommends combining different tools for different situations. For example, check for hot spots using the Fluke Ti32 Thermal Imager, use the Fluke ScopeMeter 125 to verify signal quality on power electronics and bring in a Fluke 1735 Power Logger to test energy consumption.

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