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Replacement Parts

Availability of replacement parts is a key element in providing quick turnaround and product support for customers who perform their own maintenance. By providing quality parts and responsive support, we will help return your Fluke products to peak performance.

Fluke stocks several hundred thousand components, subassemblies, and modules. All replacement parts are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for 90 days after shipment. Our replacement parts meet Fluke original equipment standards.

Place your orders in the U.S. by calling 1-800-526-4731. Outside the US, replacement parts can be ordered through your local service center.

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When ordering, customers must identify parts by the Fluke 6, 7 or 12-digit part number and description as shown in the instrument manual and, if possible, by the schematic diagram circuit reference number. The model number and serial number will also help us supply the correct parts.

In some cases parts must be ordered in matched sets in order to maintain the specified accuracy and performance of the instrument after repair. Check the listings and diagrams for footnotes, which contain the instructions for ordering special parts.

Instrument manuals are also available for many Fluke products.

Please contact us at 1-888-99-FLUKE (1-888-993-5853) or [email protected] for local availability and terms of this service.

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