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Fluke Bulletin of India Quarterly Enewsletter

Stay up to date on the latest news about Fluke in India by signing up for the quarterly enewsletter.

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Your free information source.

E-Test-it! is an electronic newsletter, dedicated for the service, maintenance and installation engineer/technician, and is issued 6 times per year. By registering for E-Test-it! you will be the first to receive information about:

  • New Fluke products
  • The latest actions and promotions from Fluke
  • How to get more out of Fluke tools
  • How to use Fluke tools better in your application

E-Test-it! is free of charge. If at any point in time you do not want to receive E-Test-it! anymore, you can unsubscribe with a simple mouse click. E-Test-it! is small in size (on average about 12 KB) and does not fill up your mailbox or take long to download.

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A regular news publication for professional test tool users.

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