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Company Pride

Our associates have pride in their jobs and their company due to our best in class products and services. When you come to work each day at Fluke, you know your work has direct impact on the business, product quality and continuous improvement of our processes to ensure our customers are delighted with Fluke's products and services.

Stability and Growth

Fluke Corporation was started in 1948 and has experienced continual growth throughout the years. We are part of the Danaher Corporation, ranked as one of the best-run conglomerates in America by Business Week in 2007. Over 20 years, it has returned a remarkable 25% to shareholders annually. Fluke is a part of Danaher's most profitable division, professional instrumentation.

Career Growth Opportunities

With Fluke being part of the Danaher Corporation, there are multiple job opportunities for internal associates.

If you are willing to relocate, the opportunities are almost endless within Danaher's other 600 subsidiary companies in the world.

We offer market competitive benefits for our employees that are worth checking out.

Make a Difference

If you ask our associates why they come to work at Fluke each day, they will tell you it's because their work makes a difference. Every associate is responsible for continuous improvement in their work areas and is rated on their success in finding a better way.
We welcome and reward creative ideas, new concepts and efficiencies to do things better.
The Danaher Business System, or DBS, is based on lean manufacturing and management tools that each associate is required to learn and use every day.

Company Culture

Life is colorful at Fluke! Be it the diverse professional background, age, gender or nationality of our colleagues.

With over 25 nationalities working together we are truly facing and enjoying an international work environment. Working “across borders” has become part of our daily life and creates both interesting opportunities for your personnel development and international careers.

Job Opportunities

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