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FAQs for Fluke Connect®

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Q: How much does the app cost?
The app is available for free download. Users can store up to 5 GB of data and measurements created from the tools listed below at no cost.
Q: How do I get started?
  1. Download the free Fluke Connect app from iTunes or Google Play
  2. Open the app
  3. Register
  4. If you have a Fluke Connect enabled test tool, connect it to the app
    1. Press the fluke connect icon button on the test tool to activate the tool's radio. If you are connecting to the 3000 FC Multimeter, hold down the fluke connect icon button while turning the dial to the desired measurement function.
    2. On your smart phone, go to settings > Bluetooth® and turn on Bluetooth®.
    3. In the app, select the test tool from the list that automatically appears on the main screen.
    4. Take, save, and share measurements.
  5. If you don't have a Fluke Connect enabled test tool, you can
    1. Upload measurement data to the app, organize it by equipment number, sort it by date, and share it across your team.
    2. Reference Fluke support materials on test tools and measurement best practices.
Q: How hard is it to use the app?
For users familiar with smart phones and test tools, the app is pretty straight-forward. App navigation is just like the regular smart phone OS - finger swipes and scrolling and menus, and the app includes tutorials on each of the measurement features. And many of the app features use standard smart phone functions like email, calling, and taking pictures.
Q: What are the top functions?
  • ShareLive™ video calls: Save and share measurements with your team anytime, from anywhere
  • AutoRecord™ measurements: Instantly save measurements to your phone
  • EquipmentLog™ history: See measurement history per equipment
  • TrendIt™ graphs: Evaluate the trends, eliminate the trouble
  • FlukeCloud™ storage: Securely, wirelessly access equipment records anywhere, anytime
Q: What test tools are supported at launch?
  • See the Fluke Connect compatibility interactive pdf at »
  • Infrared cameras:
    • Existing and newly purchased Ti400, Ti300 and Ti200 infrared cameras, no Fluke SD WiFi card is needed with these models
    • Ti90, Ti95, Ti100, 105, 110, 125, and "R" versions (building diagnostics) with the addition of the Fluke SD WiFi card. (SD WiFi card is included with all models but can also be purchased separately)
  • 3000 FC Test Tool modules: v3000 FC (AC voltage module), v3001 FC (DC voltage), a3001 FC (iFlex current), t3000 FC (temperature), a3000 FC (hard jaw AC current clamp), a3002 FC (AC/DC current clamp base), and 3000FC Multimeter
  • i1010 AC/DC and the i410 AC clamp accessories when attached to the a3002 FC module (allows users to get wireless readouts out of their existing clamp accessories)
  • The next tools to be supported include (September timeframe)
    • Existing or newly purchased 289 and 189 Digital Multimeters and the 789 Process Meter, with the addition of the ir3000 FC Connector (purchased separately)
    • Existing and newly purchased units of the 1550 or 1555 Insulation Resistance Tester, with the addition of the ir3000 FC Connector (purchased separately)
Q: When will other Fluke tools become wireless and Fluke Connect compatible?
Fluke will steadily convert other products within its catalog. If there is a specific tool or measurement application you use that would benefit from having a wireless readout to smart phone, please email us at [email protected].
Q: How many fluke instruments can connect to the app at one time? How many readings can I see simultaneously?
Up to 11 instruments at one time: 10 Bluetooth® and 1 WiFi™; with each instrument sending a reading to be displayed simultaneously on the app.
Q: What products have trending/graphing capability enabled?
Fluke Connect modules log over time and the Fluke Connect app uploads those log files to phone and the cloud. Users can view graphs of those logs in 3 ways:
  1. Connect the smart phone and the module and watch the app graph the measurement data, live. Capture graphs as desired.
  2. Use TrendIt™ to create graphs from logged data transferred to the smart phone from the modules.
  3. Use TrendIt™ to create graphs of all voltage, current or temperature readings saved over time to the EquipmentLog™ on the FlukeCloud™ for a particular piece of equipment.
Q: Is there Fluke Connect Software for the PC? Does the PC communicate with the App?
Fluke Connect software can be accessed via a web browser on the PC.

Phone Compatibility

Q: What devices are supported by Fluke Connect?
  • iPhone 4S and up running iOS 7 or higher, iPad Air and iPad Mini (2nd generation) in an iPhone frame on iPad and iPod Touch (5th Generation)
  • HTC One and One M8 running Android 4.4.x or higher
  • LG G3 and Nexus 5 running Android 4.4.x or higher
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 running Android 4.3.x or higher
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 running Android 4.4.x or higher
Q: Will it increase my data usage?
Sharing data between Bluetooth® Fluke Connect modules and the Fluke Connect app on a smart phone will not increase data usage. Using point-to-point WiFi™ between the app and a thermal imager also will not impact your data usage, though it will commandeer your WiFi™ signal, preventing cloud communications over WiFi™. Using a WiFi™ network to share data between the app and the Fluke Cloud will have minimal impact; using a cellular network may increase data usage. To manage when the phone and the cloud communicate over what network, turn off wireless on your phone / put your phone in Airplane mode, and turn WiFi™ and on Bluetooth®.
Q: Will it affect my battery usage?
Connecting the app to a Fluke Connect test tool will use the same amount of battery as connecting your phone to any other low energy Bluetooth® device, such as a headset. Connecting the app point to point with a WiFi™ enabled infrared camera uses the same amount of battery as connecting to local WiFi™ devices in your home or office.

Wireless and Range

Q: How do the units communicate wirelessly?
Fluke Connect products use Bluetooth® Low Energy and WiFi™; Bluetooth® for 3000 FC multimeter, modules and Connector, WiFi™ for thermal imagers. The system uses Bluetooth® LE for long-battery life tools like DMMs, 3000 FC modules, etc., and WiFi™ for tools that transfer a lot of data; eg. thermal imagers.
Q: Why Bluetooth® Low Energy instead of WiFi™?
Customers typically want both a long battery life and easy accessibility to batteries for replacement as necessary. Fluke Connect has lower power consumption than other options, including classic Bluetooth® and WiFi™. Fluke Connect has 10x the battery life of Bluetooth®, for example. Also, Fluke tool users want to be able to connect with multiple modules or meters.
Q: Do industrial environments interfere with communications between the modules and app?
  • RF is not an issue. Fluke Connect data transfer is not impacted by 50/60 Hz noise. It has been tested around high frequency machines, including microwaves, cell phones and milling machines, with no degradation to performance.
  • Other strong WiFi™ signals in the building/area can distort the signal.
Q: What is the communication distance between the meters and modules?
The app and modules communicate up to 20 meters apart, though the distance will vary based on interference from the surrounding environment, whether electrical or physical, e.g. a wall. To achieve the 20 m distance, create a line of sight between the test tool and the smart device, with no obstructions between the devices. When test tools are placed behind a closed electrical panel, the communication distance will be reduced to approximately 3 m, depending on the panel configuration and how the modules were placed/how many obstructions there are.
Q: How long does it take to connect a meter to my phone?
It takes 1-5 seconds to connect to one Fluke Connect module, using Bluetooth®. When connecting to multiple Fluke Connect devices at a time, connection time may be longer.
Q: Do I need wireless coverage throughout the plant?
No. The Bluetooth® and WiFi™ connections to the smartphone are point-to-point. In other words, Bluetooth® and WiFi™ can talk directly to matching radios in the phone. In order to upload measurements, an Internet connection via WiFi™ or cellular data is required.
Q: If I don't have network connectivity connectivity (WiFi™ or cellular data) what happens?
Data will be stored locally until the phone has network connection, at which point the data will be saved to the cloud. If WiFi™ is turned off, the app will not be able to receive data from thermal imagers. To manage data charges, see below.
Q: Can I Share Live without WiFi™?
Yes, but a network connection via cellular data is then required.
Q: What if I'm out of wireless range so I have to save on my phone? I may run out of memory.
Modern smartphones have much more memory than Ti or 3000 FC tools produce. For example, the smallest memory smartphone has 8 Gigabytes. 1 Gigabyte is 1000 Megabytes. A Ti125 image is about 0.5 Megabyte; a voice memo is a bit more. If your phone memory was 100% available, you could store about 16000 thermal images before running out of memory.
Q: Can the Fluke Connect app receive signals or measurements from other Bluetooth® devices?

Security and Privacy

Q: How is the app data protected from hackers?
Fluke Cloud™ storage infrastructure has been architected to be one of the most secure cloud computing environments available today. Our service provider uses state-of-the-art electronic surveillance, multi-factor access control systems, and 24x7 staffing at its data centers. . Furthermore, the servers have built-in firewalls, encrypted data storage and secure access specifically designed to protect your data.
Q: What if someone on my team loses their phone?
The app requires a personal login. None of the information on the app or in the cloud can be accessed without that login. We further recommend that all smart devices used for company business have a mandatory overall login code, and that any proprietary information be locked behind additional security tools/measures.
Q: Is the information collected by the device secure?
Each user or company specifically authorizes who has access to the information on the app. All data collected by your company/team is your company's property.
Q: Is my data available for download so that I can have a backup on premises?
Yes, full data is downloadable at any time. If for any reason you decide to cancel the Fluke Connect service, your data can be collected beforehand.
Q: Can I choose who gets to see my data?
You choose who to share data with. In Fluke Connect, you can invite a team member via email, or someone else can invite you to be a member of their team. Once team members accept, then they can share data. With Fluke Connect, your data options are:
  • Share data live - and not save it
  • Save the data to Fluke Cloud for the team to see
  • E-mail saved measurements to anyone, regardless of if they are a team member.

Product Specific

Q: What are the changes to the Ti125, Ti110, Ti105, Ti100, Ti95 and Ti90? The Ti400?
The only change to Ti125, Ti110, Ti105, Ti100, Ti95 and Ti90 is the addition of the Fluke SD card to the box. The Ti400 firmware upgrade became available in April 2014 to enable communication with the Fluke Connect system.
Q: Can I live stream thermal video on the phone?
Not at this time. The refresh rate on the infrared camera and the phone is not high enough to support live streaming thermal scanning or video. We recommend that you save and share still thermal images, or to share video, that you upload to the cloud first (available in June).
Q: Can I upload thermal video via Fluke Connect?
Yes – starting in June. Thermal videos as well as still images taken with compatible infrared cameras can be saved to Fluke Connect and the cloud, where they can then be viewed by your team.
Q: Can I share the live image of what the thermal imager sees?
No. The refresh rate on the infrared camera and the phone is not high enough to support live streaming thermal scanning. We recommend that you save and share still thermal images, or to share video, that you upload to the cloud first (available in June 2014).
Q: Will I always be able to access images?
Any thermal or digital image that you take and save to the app is saved to the Fluke Cloud, where it will be permanently accessible by you and others on your team with the app.
Q: Is the SD WiFi™ card for thermal imagers off the shelf or Fluke specific?
The SD card is Fluke specific. Off-the-shelf wireless SD cards are not compatible with Fluke thermal imagers.
Q: What is the battery life on the modules?
The battery life depends on the usage of the radio. Tests show the modules can operate on one set of batteries for 7 - 8 days (approx. 200hrs) when radio is used constantly. When the unit is logging without the radio on, it works like any other DMM or instrument and battery life is increased tremendously (see specs).
Q: Is there a sleep mode for the modules?
Yes, the modules will switch over to sleep mode after 20 minutes. The LCD shuts down but it will still be taking normal readings when in Log mode (just as the min-max mode of a DMM). If the radio is active then the modules will wake up once every 5 seconds to see if there is a need to communicate. If nothing is detected then it goes back to sleep.
Q: Do the modules have a high enough IP rating to be used in industrial environments?
  • The DMM is rated IP54
  • The IP rating of the a3000 FC AC Current Clamp is IP30
  • The IP rating of the Temp module is IP42 with thermocouple connected.
  • Other modules are IP42
  • Thermal imagers are rated IP54
Q: Can I remotely control a 789 or 771 process meter to control the loop while connected to the panel?
No. The 789 Process Meter will be Fluke Connect compatible with the addition of the ir3000 Connector, and users will be able to read the value being sourced when the 789 is in the ramping or stepping mode, but at this point, it's not possible to change the output mA signal directly from the app.
Q: Can Fluke Connect tools talk to specific brands of PLCs?
The Fluke 789 Process Meter with the addition of the ir3000 Connector can read an analog value and then communicate that analog value to the phone. There's no direct connection from the phone to the PLC, nor is there any specialized functionality that communicates the PLC channel being measured. You can use the Fluke Connect app to view/trend the value and save it to the EquipmentLog™ on the cloud for that PLC.
Q: How can I tell what I need with my product to communicate with the Fluke Connect app and other tools?

Fluke created the Fluke Connect compatibility guide. This is an interactive pdf that lists all the items needed to optimize your Fluke Connect experience for each Fluke Connect enabled tool.
Download at »

CNX Specific

Q: Are CNX tools Fluke Connect enabled?
No. The first edition CNX tools don't use Bluetooth® to communicate and therefore can't connect to smart phone devices. Their ZigBee radios are designed to communicate between the modules and the multimeter or a laptop. The two systems do not communicate with each other and are not compatible.
Q: What's the difference between CNX and Fluke Connect?
There's no difference in measurement capability between the CNX and Connect tool lines; the difference is how the tools share information and what types of tools are included in the system. CNX tools talk to the CNX Multimeter, some thermal imagers and laptop software; Fluke Connect tools and thermal imagers talk to the app. More tools will be made Connect compatible while no additional tools will be added to the CNX line. Connect models such as the v3001 DC Voltage module will not be backwards compatible with CNX.
Q: Why would I upgrade to Fluke Connect when my CNX products work just fine?
Primarily because with Fluke Connect you can see data on your smart phone and upload/download data to cloud storage. As you build your equipment database, you can rely on historical data to assist troubleshooting and make preventive maintenance easier.
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