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Why Work at Fluke

Company Pride

Our associates have pride in their jobs and their company due to our best in class products and services. When you come to work each day at Fluke, you know your work has direct impact on the business, product quality and continuous improvement of our processes to ensure our customers are delighted with Fluke's products and services.

Stability and Growth

Fluke Corporation was started in 1948 and has experienced continual growth throughout the years. We are part of the Danaher Corporation, ranked as one of the best-run conglomerates in America by Business Week in 2007. Over 20 years, it has returned a remarkable 25% to shareholders annually. Fluke is a part of Danaher's most profitable division, professional instrumentation.

Career Growth Opportunities

With three companies headquartered in Everett, WA that make up the Fluke Electronic Test and Measurement platform for Danaher, there are multiple job opportunities for internal associates right here in the Everett area. If you are willing to relocate, the opportunities are almost endless within Danaher's other 600 subsidiary companies in the world.

Make a Difference

If you ask our associates why they come to work at Fluke each day, they will tell you it's because their work makes a difference. Every associate is responsible for continuous improvement in their work areas and is rated on their success in finding a better way. We welcome creative ideas, new concepts and efficiencies to do things better. The Danaher Business System, or DBS, is based on lean manufacturing and management tools that each associate is required to learn and use every day. Training and practice using these tools is essential to our success, which has allowed us to continue our stable growth.

Company Culture

Our culture at Fluke is influenced by our associates, our commitment to quality and continuous improvement and our passion to win. We offer a variety of benefits for our associates that are worth checking out. We aren't as far away from Seattle as you might think and our campus setting is one of the most beautiful areas to work in the Seattle/Everett area.

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Job Opportunities

Headquartered in Everett, Washington Fluke Corporation has over 2500 associates worldwide and achieved the number one or number two position in every market in which it competes.

College Recruiting

Regardless of your interest in joining us straight out of college or as an intern, we look for individuals who possess a passion for learning and are results oriented.

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Fluke's U.S. employee benefit plans offer a spectrum of benefits to match the dynamic needs of our high technology team. Our package is comprehensive, well-rounded and competitive.

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Electronic Employment Verification Program

Fluke Corporation and its subsidiaries participates in the Electronic Employment Verification Program.
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