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For any questions, more information or complete terms on Warranty, please contact our Service Centre at 1-800-36-FLUKE  (1-800-363-5853) or email [email protected]

The following are warranty guidelines only, please refer to your Product Manual for detailed warranty terms or call our Service Centre.  Fluke's standard warranty policy does not cover misuse.

Limited Lifetime Warranty
Each Fluke 20*, 70*, 80*, 170 and 180 series DMM will be free from defects in material and workmanship for its lifetime. As used herein, "lifetime" is defined as seven years after Fluke discontinues manufacturing the product, but the warranty period shall be at least ten years from date of purchase. *(Lifetime Warranty applies to products manufactured after October 1996)

In what way is the warranty limited?

  • It does not cover batteries or fuses.
  • It does not cover abuse or usage outside of specifications.
  • It does not cover normal wear and tear of mechanical parts.
  • It covers the LCD for 10 years only (state-of-the-art for LCDs).
  • It covers original user purchaser only.

Extended Warranty Repair
This plan is an extension to your product warranty. Whenever your product needs repair or service, simply send it to the Canadian Fluke Service Center. It will be repaired, recalibrated, and performance tested. All parts and labor are included in the price of this service, even parts that are normally excluded from the Standard Price Service plan. So there won't be any surprises, even return freight costs are included. As you might expect, a Fluke Service Report and Certificate is enclosed with each repaired instrument.

Full Service Extended Warranty
If you need both scheduled calibration and periodic repair service, there is no better maintenance program for your equipment than our full service plan. It combines all the features of the Extended Warranty Repair into a single integrated full service plan. You pay a reasonable fee for each instrument and eliminate most additional service expenses.

Extended Warranty Service

  • Fixed maintenance costs allow accurate yearly budgeting
  • Prioritized Service
  • Shorter repair cycle
  • Reduced parts inventory
  • Lower maintenance training costs
  • Less demand on your technical personnel and resources

The Fluke Extended Warranty Service Plan provides ultimate equipment protection at an economical price. Comprehensive agreements provide routine calibration at regular intervals or repair service as needed. You can, of course, combine these options for full service coverage.

Before we can offer an Extended Warranty Plan:

Pre-Plan Inspections
Sometimes an instrument inspection is required before we can offer an Extended Warranty plan. This usually occurs when an instrument's warranty has expired. This Pre-Plan Inspection would be performed during the calibration process and calibration charges will apply.  Should the condition of the equipment preclude coverage we will provide a Labor and Materials Service quote for the repairs necessary to qualify your instrument.  *Not applicable for all models


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