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What vibration pens want to be when they grow up.
What vibration pens want to be when they grow up.Fluke
What vibration pens want to be when they grow up.

The new Fluke 805 Vibration Meter:
Vibration screening just took a major leap forward.

Meet the new Fluke 805 Vibration Meter, the easy, reliable answer for frontline mechanical troubleshooting. Much more than a vibration pen, the 805 is a Fluke meter that gives you results you can trust, time after time.

What makes the Fluke 805 the most reliable vibration screening device available?

Provides a more complete picture – Measure overall vibration as well as specific variables like bearing condition and temperature
Easy-to-use – Red and green lights indicate how much pressure to apply when taking measurements
Quickly assesses the severity of the problem – The simple, four-level scale makes results easy to understand
Covers most machine and components types – Get reliable results over a wide frequency range from 10 to 1,000 Hz and 4,000 to 20,000 Hz
Exports and trends data – Easily export data via a USB and trend using built in Microsoft® Excel templates
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For more information visit Fluke 805 Vibration Meter or call 425-446-5415

Fluke 805 Vibration Meter


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