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DP120 Differential Probe
Electricians’s Multimeter: Fluke 114 Electrical Multimeter
Fluke 116 HVAC Multimeter with Temperature and Microamps

Fluke 12 Digital Multimeter

 Fluke 12
First-level troubleshooters

The 2 different models in the Fluke 10 Series are ideal for first-level troubleshooting. The VChek™ function provides the user with ultimate ease of use by automatic switching to AC voltage, DC voltage or resistance measurements depending on the input. The range extends from the basic Fluke 10 to the high-end Fluke 12, with its extra capabilities for measuring, capacitance, plus recording of minimum and maximum values over time with a relative time stamp.

Features at a Glance:
  • Up to 0.9% basic DC accuracy
  • 4000 count digital display
  • V Check™ automatic measurement selection (Fluke 12)
  • Manual and automatic ranging
  • Resistance, continuity and diode measurements
  • Capacitance measurements (Fluke 12)
  • Min/Max recording with relative time stamp, records the highest and lowest voltage readings during a 100-hour period (Fluke 12)
  • Sleep mode preserves battery life
  • Three year warranty

Safety conformance

All inputs are protected to EN61010-1, 600 V CAT III, UL, CSA and TüV listed.

Voltage DC
Range and Resolution:  4000 mV*, 4.000V, 40.00V, 400V, 600V
Best Accuracy:  
 Model 10 ±(1.5%+1)
 Model 11 ±(0.9%+1)
 Model 12 ±(0.9%+1)
Voltage AC
Range and Resolution:  4000 mV, 4.000V, 40.00V, 400V, 600V
 Model 10 ±(2.9%+3)
Best Accuracy:  
 Model 11 ±(1.9%+3)
 Model 12 ±(1.9%+3)
Range and Resolution:  400.0 Ω, 4.000 kΩ, 40.00 kΩ, 400.0 kΩ, 4.000 MΩ, 40.00 MΩ
Best Accuracy:  
 Model 10 ±(1.5%+1)
 Model 11 ±(0.9%+1)
 Model 12 ±(0.9%+1)
Range and Resolution:  1.000 µF, 10.00 µF, 100.0 µF, 1000 µF, 10,000 µF
Best Accuracy:  
 Model 10 N/A
 Model 11 ±(1.9%+2)
 Model 12 ±(1.9%+2)
 *Available in manual mode. Use this range with accessories.

Mechanical & General Specifications
 142.3 mm L x 70.5 mm W x 34.6 mm
 Three years, one year guaranteed calibration
Battery Life
Alkaline:  650 hours continuous
Carbon-zinc:  450 hours continuous
Model NameDescription
Fluke 12 Multimeter

Included accessories:

  • 9 volt battery (installed)
  • Includes TL75 Hard Point™ Test Leads
  • Owner's manual

Cases and Holsters
C10C10 Meter Holster

AC220AC220 SureGrip™ Alligator Clips
AC87AC87 Heavy Duty Bus Bar Clip Set
BP980BP980 Double Banana Plug Kit

Test Probes
TP38TP 38 Slim Reach Test Probe Set
TP1TP1 Slim Reach Test Probe Set
TP2TP2 Slim Reach Test Probe Set
TP220TP220 SureGrip™ Industrial Test Probes
TP4TP4 Slim Reach Test Probe Set
TP74TP74 Lantern Tip Test Probe Set
TP80TP80 Electronic Test Probe Set
TP912TP912 Replacement Tips for TL910
TP920TP920 Test Probe Adapter Kit

Cases and Holsters
C101C101 Hard Case
C12AC12A Meter Case
C1600C1600 Gear Box for Meter and Accessories
C510C510 Leather Meter Case
C550C550 Tool Bag
C75C75 Accessory Case

Current Clamps
i1010i1010 AC/DC Current Clamp
Fluke i410AC/DC Current Clamp
i2000 flexi2000 flex AC Current Clamp
i200si200s AC Current Clamp
i3000si3000s AC Current Clamp

Fiber Optics
FOM Fiber Optic Meter FOM Fiber Optic Meter

High Voltage Probes
80K-4080K-40 High Voltage Probe
80K-680K-6 High Voltage Probe

L200L200 Probe Light
L210L210 Probe Light Kit
L215L215 SureGrip™ Kit with Probe Light and Probe Extender
LVD1LVD1 Volt Light

PV350PV350 Pressure Vacuum Module

80T-150UA80T-150U Universal Temperature Probe
80TK80TK Thermocouple Module

Test Leads

SureGrip™ Industrial Test Lead Set includes:

  • AC220 SureGrip™ Alligator Clip Set
  • TP220 SureGrip™ Industrial Test Probe Set
  • TL224 SureGrip™ Silicone Test Lead Set (straight to right)
  • One year warranty
TL223TL223 Electrical Test Lead Set
TL224TL224 SureGrip™ Insulated Test Leads
TL71TL71 Premium Test Lead Set
TL81ATL81A Deluxe ElectronicTest Lead Kit
H900H900 Test Lead Holder
TL238TL238 SureGrip™ Test Lead Set for High Energy Environments
TL40TL40 Retractable Tip Test Lead Set
TL75TL75 Hard Point™ Test Lead Set
TL76TL76 All-in-one Test Lead Set
TL910TL910 Electronic Test Probe Set
TL930TL930 Patch Cord Set (60 cm)
TL932TL932 Patch Cord Set (90 cm)
TL970TL970 Hook and Pincer Kit
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