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Fluke Ti32 Industrial-Commercial Thermal Imager

Fluke Ti30 Thermal Imager

 Fluke Ti30
Everything needed for everyday imaging.

The affordable Fluke Ti30™ Thermal Imager is an unbeatable solution for predictive maintenance:

Complete imaging solution - The Ti30 thermal imager is packaged with all necessary accessories and unlimited-use InsideIR™ companion software.

Fast and easy inspection routing - Plan your equipment inspection route, load it once into the imager, and then follow the easy, on-camera instructions each time you perform inspections.

Designed for industrial use - With over five hours of continuous-use battery life and the capacity to store up to 100 images, it allows for a full day of uninterrupted inspections.

Lowest cost of ownership - An exceptional value for a high performance imager, the Ti30 also offers affordable instrument service and calibrations.

The Fluke Ti30 Thermal Imager is just what you need to make an effective predictive maintenance program easy, fast, accurate and affordable. It’s the tool you’ll reach for again and again for scheduled inspections, quick spot checks, and everything in between. Start or enhance your predictive maintenance program with the imager that gives you the features, software, and temperature range without the big price tag.

The Fluke Ti30 Thermal Imager uniquely supports thermography inspection routing. After the first inspection, the images taken can be combined in the InsideIR™ software with location names and temperature data, and uploaded to the imager for use as a routing guide. During subsequent inspections, an on-camera display prompts the user exactly where to take images—improving accuracy. The new images are easily compared to previous scans, helping to identify potential problems before they cause failure.

Maintenance personnel can quickly and easily capture high-quality infrared images using the Fluke Ti30 Thermal Imager. Because the camera collects 12 bits of information for every one of its 19,200 pixels, users in the field can simply point, focus and shoot. With a properly composed, well-focused image, all further analysis can be performed with the InsideIR software in the quiet, comfort and safety of an office.

In the imager during the scan, or later in the InsideIR software, adjust:

  • Palette settings
  • Emissivity
  • Reflected temperature correction values
  • Level and gain
This approach provides flexibility and eliminates the need to re-scan equipment if different settings are desired once the user is back in the office. The file of images and data can also be e-mailed to other Ti30 imager-InsideIR software users, making information sharing and cross-checking easy.

The Fluke Ti30 Thermal Imager:

  • Easy to use; just point, focus, and shoot
  • Scans quickly and smoothly
  • Displays thermal image and temperature
  • Has a temperature measurement range of -10 °C to 250 °C
  • Has a Laser sighting aid that can easily be turned on or off
  • Includes professional analysis and reporting software - InsideIR™
  • Has industry leading battery life (> 5 hours continuous use)
  • Runs off both a rechargeable battery pack and standard or rechargeable alkaline AA batteries

Adjustments on the Fluke Ti30 Imager include:

  • Backlight brightness - Full, Dim or Off
  • Palette - Grayscale, Rainbow or Ironbow
  • Measurement mode - Automatic, Semi-Automatic and Manual
  • Temperature Scale (degrees C or F)
  • Laser (on or off)

Start up screen makes it easy to determine instrument status including:

  • Unit serial number
  • Date and time
  • Tag name (current uploaded session)
  • Station number (Personal Computer ID)
  • Palette currently selected
  • Firmware revisions

Display icons include:

  • LCD illumination level
  • Palette type
  • Measurement mode
  • Laser status

Key Specifications
Temperature measurement accuracy
 +/- 2%
 +/- 1%
Lightweight (including battery)
Array size
 160 x 120
Display frequency
 20 Hz

Keep your Thermal Imager at optimal performance!
Check to see if you have the latest software or firmware version.

Thermal Specs
Temperature Range:  -10° to 250°C (14° to 482°F)
Detector type:  120 x160 thermal element focal plane array (FPA) uncooled microbolometer
Accuracy:  ±2% or ±2ºC
Accuracy (from -10 to 0 C):  +/- 3ºC
Repeatability:  ±1% or ±1ºC (±2ºF) whichever is greater
NETD:  200 mK
Temperature Indication Resolution:  0.1 (ºF or ºC)
Spectral Range:  7-14 microns
Target Sighting:  Single Laser Dot (Meets IEC Class 2 & FDA Class II requirements)
Optical Resolution:  90:1
Slit Response Optical Resolution:  225:1
Minimum Diameter Measurement Spot:  7mm (0.27”) at 61cm (24”)
Image Frame Rate:  9 Hz (20 Hz for USA and Canada)
Field of view (FOV):  17º Horizontal x 12.8º Vertical
Instantaneous Field of view (IFOV):  1.9mrad
Focus:  Focusable, 61cm (24”) to infinity
Temperature Scale:  ºC or ºF selectable
Palettes:  Gray, Ironbow or Rainbow selectable
Measurement Modes:  Automatic, Semi-Automatic, or Manual selectable
Laser On/Off:  included
Gain Control:  included
Level Control:  included
LCD Backlight:  Bright, Dim, Off selectable
Adjustable Emissivity:  0.10 to 1.00 by 0.01
Liquid Crystal Display:  TFT technology—optimized for both indoor and outdoor use, 59mm (2.3 in) x 54mm (2.1 in)
Reflected Background Temperature:  -50 to 460ºC (-58 to 860ºF)
Ambient Operating Temperature:  -10 to 50ºC (14 to 122ºF)
Relative Humidity:  10 to 90% Non-condensing
Storage Temperature:  -25 to 70ºC (-13 to158ºF) [without batteries]
Storage Capacity:  100 images
Laser On Icon:  included
Low Battery Icon:  included
Palette Icon:  included
Measurement Mode Icon:  included
Thermal Analysis Software:  InsideIR (included)
PC Software Operating Systems:  Microsoft® Windows® 98®, Windows 2000®, or Windows XP®
Power:  6 AA batteries (not included) or rechargeable battery pack (included)
Battery Life:  Min. 5 hours continuous use
Data Transfer:  USB interface, total transfer time 30s for 100 pictures
Storage Device:  Flash Memory
Tripod Mount (6.35 mm (1/4) 20 unc threading)  
Weight (includes batteries):  1 kg (2.2 lb)
Drop Test Results:  0.5 m (20 in.)
Warranty:  1 year (U.S. only - warranty duration may vary by country)
Manufacturing site:  Made in U.S.A.
Shock:  30G, IEC 68-2-29
Vibration:  2.5G, IEC 68-2-6
EMC:  EN 61326-1

Keep your Thermal Imager at optimal performance!
Check to see if you have the latest software or firmware version.

Model NameDescription
Fluke Ti30 Thermal Imager

Accessories included:

  • Multi-language Interactive Manual (CD ROM)
  • InsideIR Software - Unlimited use included in purchase price
  • Docking station with Universal Power Adapter and USB Connection
  • Hardshell Carrying Case
  • USB Computer Cable
  • Rechargeable and Non-rechargeable Battery Packs (batteries not included)
  • Multi-Language Thermography Training Presentation (CD ROM)
  • Carrying Pouch
  • Wrist Strap
  • Quick Reference Card
Options: NIST Calibration certificate
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