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80i-500s AC Current Clamp

Large AC current clamp for Oscilloscopes

Fluke Current clamps are the ideal tools to extend the current ranges of Fluke tools.
The Fluke 80i-500s is a clamp-on current probe that is designed to reproduce current waveforms found in modern commercial and industrial power distribution systems. The probe’s performance is optimized for accurate reproduction of currents at line frequency and up to the 50th harmonic. The 80i-500s is also compatible with any instrument capable of millivolt measurements.

  • Ideal for measuring distorted current waveforms and associated harmonics.
  • Allows measurement of currents from 1 to 500A ac rms, 5 Hz to 10 kHz without breaking into the circuit.
  • Provides an output of 1 mV ac per 1 A ac.
  • A passive filter eliminates noise and ring on rapidly rising waveforms, ensuring accurate reproduction on oscilloscope
  • Can be used with Multimeters with optional PM9081/001 BNC/Banana adapter
  • One year warranty
Nominal current range
 500 A
Continuous current range
 1 A - 500 A
Maximum Non-Destructive Current
 700 A
Lowest measurable current
 1 A
Basic Accuracy
 (48-65 Hz)
 (% reading + floorspec)
Useable frequency
 5 Hz - 10 kHz
Output level(s)
 1 mV/A

Safety Specifications
 CAT III, 600 V
Maximum voltage
 600 V AC

Mechanical & General Specifications
 1 year
Maximum conductor diameter
 30 mm
 2 x 25 mm
Maximum conductor size (busbar)
 63 x 5 mm
Output cable length
 1.6 m
BNC Adapter
Model NameDescription
80i-500s80i-500s AC Current Clamp
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