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Fluke Ti Visor 3

Thermal Imager Visor


Fluke Visor accessory for the popular FLK-Ti32, FLK-Ti29, FLK-Ti27, FLK-Ti25, FLK-Ti10, FLK-Ti9, FLK-TiR32, FLK-TiR29, FLK-TiR27, FLK-TiR1, FLK-TiR, FLK-TiRx and FLK-TiS Thermal Imagers

Reduce LCD screen glare and reflections in bright sunlight or other areas where ambient lighting conditions are bright with this durable, heavy-duty plastic accessory visor. It can be used inside or outside, and clips onto the thermal imager without the need for any additional hardware. It can be easily removed and stored when not in use.

Model NameDescriptionPrice List
TI-VisorVisor for Ti32, Ti29, Ti27, Ti25, Ti10, Ti9, TiR32, TiR29, TiR27, TiR1, TiR, TiRx and TiSOn Request
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